Intellectual property risk for food exporters

This is true for the UK leaving the EU, for the EU companies, but also for all the businesses that are providing something unique to their customers.

Food and drink manufacturers have been urged to protect their intellectual property (IP) rights before exporting overseas, as risks will grow once the UK leaves the EU.

Marks & Clerk trade mark attorney Aidan Clarke warned producers that entering new markets without the right protection could find their products copied or face the risk of an injunction by domestic manufacturers.

He said: “As exports reach record levels there is another threat to businesses that is much less talked-about, affecting worldwide trade, and it centres around IP rights.

“When you move into new markets without adequate protection you could be in serious trouble. Others could use your brand name, potentially stopping you from operating in those markets – or worse, you could face an injunction.”

Moved into new territories unprepared

The most vulnerable were companies that had recently seen rapid export success, according to Marks & Clerk. Firms at risk also had limited legal knowledge or resources and had moved into new territories unprepared.

A key part of any export plans should be seeking legal protection for brands before targeting overseas markets.”

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